fit [1] ADJECTIVE (fitter, fittest) 1) of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose. 2) in good health, especially through regular physical exercise. 3) (fit to do) informal on the point of doing. 4) Brit. informal sexually attractive.
VERB (fitted (US also fit), fitting) 1) be of the right shape and size for. 2) be or make able to occupy a particular position, place, or period of time. 3) fix into place. 4) (often be fitted with) provide with a particular component or article. 5) join together to form a whole. 6) be or make suitable for. 7) (usu. be fitted for) try clothing on (someone) in order to make or alter it to the correct size.
NOUN the way in which something fits.
fit in — Cf. ↑fit in
fit out (or up) — Cf. ↑fit up
fit to be tied — Cf. ↑fit to be tied
fit up — Cf. ↑fit up
see (or think) fit — Cf. ↑think fit
DERIVATIVES fitness noun fitter noun fitly adverb.
ORIGIN of unknown origin.
fit [2] NOUN 1) a sudden attack of convulsions. 2) a sudden attack of coughing, fainting, etc. 3) a sudden burst of intense feeling or activity.
in (or by) fits and starts — Cf. ↑in fits and starts
ORIGIN Old English, «conflict».

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